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Artists may be motivated to push themselves to the limit during the holidays, which occasionally results in records being broken. A drone show company called Sky Elements, located in Texas, set two Guinness World Records for their Christmas display over North Richland Hills, which is part of the greater Dallas area. 1,499 drones were used in the performance to retell The Nutcracker. 

The business successfully achieved its two Guinness World Records goals. The first was for their 700-foot towering nutcracker, which won them the title of "Largest Fictional Character made with multi-rotors or drones." The second was titled "Largest Aerial Image made with multi-rotors or drones," and it featured a huge Christmas tree covered in presents that illuminated the night sky over Texas. These are the fourth and fifth records for the company; in 2023, they were also awarded a distinction for their Fourth of July performance. 

Drive-in movie style, the drone show was held at Birdville FAAC football stadium. As the drones portrayed pivotal moments in the story, people gathered in their cars and listened to a radio station to follow the music and the narrative. The nutcracker and the mouse king faced off, little Clara received a gift from the nutcracker, and the dreamy "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" were all shown to the audience. 

Adding even more to the festive atmosphere, North Richland Hills' Toy Drive for the Community Enrichment Center benefited from the Christmas drone show.

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