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There is a reason a bear has become the symbolic figure of a stuffed toy. These animals can be super cute and enjoy lost of attention from their human friends. 

A very vocal rescued bear named Maddie at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, had a much needed and yet enjoyable treat. While Maddie was busy moaning in the summer sun, her human keeper Susan Kowalczik, came to visit bringing a very big brush. 

Maddie immediately succumbed to the relief as the brush ran through her shedding coat. She was more than happy to also express how happy and thankful she was. Enjoying it so much, Maddie even rolled over on her back to get a big belly rub as well.

“Remember when I said that bears shed their coats in August and can look a little sketchy sometimes? I told you Susan brushes the bears, but many of you expressed disbelief, and rightly so of course – so I asked Susan to film herself brushing one of the bears. Here she is – with our most vocal bear Maddy.”

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