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If you think that ladies are the only ones that fall victim to heavy-handed Photoshop editors then you would be mistaken, guys also have to deal with some questionable edits when they pose for magazines.

Take the Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine, for example. To be honest, I'm not even sure why anyone would try to 'improve' on his naturally good looks, however, one magazine tried to do just that and it ended up being the worst Photoshop fails in history. A racy photo was taken for Vogue: Russia and the pretty lady he was posing with was his then-girlfriend Anne V. The only problem with the picture is that Adams right torso is literally missing – as if it was cut out of the photo completely.

Speaking of celebs with missing body parts thanks to Photoshop, Lena Dunham posed for what she personally thought was an amazing photo spread and article for Vogue magazine. However, many people in the media called her out, mostly because Lena prides herself on leading the way for female body positivity, so a media company offered a reward for the one who would share the un-doctored photos, especially the picture of Lena lying down where her left arm is completely missing.

See the video below for more embarrassing celebrity Photoshop fails.

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