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When people think of travelling they always plan to go to exotic destinations in nature or catching a tan on beautiful white sand beaches, nature is beautiful but the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the year contest showed us that cities can also be beautiful.

The stunning sunsets, bustling streets and twinkling city lights will blow you away. Aside from being able to get around using public transport which is a lot cheaper, it also gives you a feel for the city and the culture. There are so many stories to tell hidden in the small roads in between the skyscrapers and the bustling crowds of people when you travel. A lot of the best attractions are located in the centre of the city, giving it an upbeat vibe.

These photos below are all from the Cities category of the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the year contest, enjoy!

  1. NYC Light II – A Manhattan sunset captured from Queens across the East River. Part 2 in a New York trilogy called NYC Light. Photo by Lars Sivars

  2. Identical Hong Kong different birdsong – Photo by Lester Lau

  3. Uummannaq – a small island in Greenland, home to about 1200 people. Photo by Rayann Elzein

  4. MotherBoard City – Hong Kong is one of the highest population destiny city in the world. Photo by Ho Lam Cheng

  5. Vibrant Life on Commercial Street – Street shoppers enjoying their daily lives during Ramadan in Commercial Street, Bangalore. Photo by Nikhil Rasiwasia

  6. Al Ain – New city in the desert. Photo by Andrzej Bochenski

  7. Scared of Heights – Taken from the highest residential building in Asia: The Zenith in Busan. Photo by Albert Dros

  8. Walled City – The Kowloon Walled City was the densest place on Earth. Hundreds of houses stacked on top of each other enclosed in the centre of the structure. Photo by Andy Yeung

  9. Moonlighting – Lightning strikes lower Manhattan as a summer storm approaches a moonlit New York City skyline. Photo by Christopher Markisz

  10. Lantern festival celebration – Taken in Jujing, a small ancient village in Cina. Photo by HuaZhu

Still not convinced? Check out the video for the worlds top 10 cities to travel to!

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