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Our lives have benefited greatly from the internet. Unfortunately, though, it has also made it possible for people to express things they wouldn't say aloud while hiding behind a faceless avatar. This has happened to Canadian news anchor Leslie Horton. But she couldn't stand it any longer, so she decided to talk about a damaging message she had received earlier that day on the radio.

Following her morning traffic report, Horton, a 59-year-old reporter for Global TV Calgary, received an email. "Congratulations on your pregnancy," it said. You should anticipate receiving emails similar to this if you decide to wear old bus driver pants. It's not appropriate for hosts to respond to hurtful remarks they receive, but this wasn't the first time this person had body-shamed Horton. She decided to raise awareness of the topic in her next segment as a result. 

“He’s reached out several times over the years, and his intent is always to humiliate and hurt me,” Horton told Today.  “We’re not supposed to respond to trolls—so I had no plans to address it, but then the words just came out of my mouth. I had this visceral reaction.”

She then continued to say, “No, I’m not pregnant. I actually lost my uterus to cancer last year, and this is what women my age look like,” the reporter said while speaking directly into the camera. “So, if it’s offensive to you, that is unfortunate. Think about the emails you send.”

The sender was recognized by Horton as a frequent viewer. This implies that since she told her audience back in 2020 and provided frequent health updates on the show, they have to be aware that she battled endometrial cancer, which required a drastic hysterectomy. Horton's defiant moment ultimately sparked an outpouring of support, with many people praising her on Twitter for speaking up and providing such a potent response in a matter of seconds.

“Maybe I was responding to the pregnancy, no uterus, cancer thing,” Horton said. “Or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m tired of female broadcasters—and women in general—being treated this way. And I would say it hit a nerve because I’ve received thousands of messages from people—men and women—saying, ‘Good for you. This is not right and it needs to stop.’

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