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A distinctive collection of artwork submerged off the coast of Grenada, The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park was established in 2006 by British artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Inspired by the annual Spicemas carnival in Grenada, 27 new sculptures by Taylor and four by local artists were recently added to the underwater garden. The Coral Carnival is the name of this new collection, which consists of a variety of figurative paintings that depict carnival characters, some of which are even coloured.

Taylor is renowned for utilising his creative endeavours to support environmental preservation. Because all of the sculptures are constructed from premium stainless steel and pH-neutral marine cement, sea life can benefit from them as well as be safe. In addition, the sculptures' bases are depicted as realistic rock formations with holes and fissures where marine life, such as lobsters and octopi, can seek safety and refuge. For the first time, vibrant details made of natural pigments and a calcium carbonate base that is safe for the environment are painted onto some of the pieces. 

Snorkelers can easily explore the gallery because the newest additions are situated at a depth of approximately 3 meters (just under 10 feet), in a linear procession along the sea floor. A total of twenty-five sculptures from The Coral Carnival are life-casts of local residents. Several of the carnival's most recognisable masqueraders are portrayed, such as Grenada-only lead character Jab Jab, who dons a chain as a symbol of liberation. Others include Vieux Corps, distinguished by their full-length cloaks and tall, pointed hats, and Short Knee, who is clad in a 3/4 jumpsuit and ankle bells.

The Wild Indian character, who comes "from the Amerindian heritage of immigrants from South America," is also included. The Fancy Mas dancers are costumed and adorned with feathers, sequins, and painted jewels. This art will never stop changing because vivid marine life will eventually take the place of the painted colour as it spreads over the sculptures. 

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