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The dodo bird is long extinct, but it still has relatives  in the world today. Known as the Nicobar Pigeon, this rare creature is the closest living link to the famous flightless bird, though they don't look alike. A striking difference is the Nicobar pigeon's vibrant plumage, which gleams in iridescent hues of blue, copper, and green in addition to its reddish legs and small white tail.

This colourful property developed because of its location; The bird has long been isolated on small islands and had no natural enemies. Because they didn't need to hide, they were able to evolve shiny feathers.

The Nicobar pigeon is native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean, from India's Nicobar Islands in the east to places like Thailand and Papua New Guinea. Although the exact population size is unclear, the species is declining due to deforestation and the release of non-native predators (such as rats and cats) on these islands.

The Nicobar pigeon is currently listed as "Critically Endangered" thanks to efforts  to protect the birds so they can thrive again.

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