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Wait a minute. Is that a cat in the table? Designed by Ruan Hao for Hangzhou and Hong Kong based architecture firm LYCS, CATable is a functional wooden table  designed for both humans and cats! As we've seen many times, there's  a growing trend to remodel living spaces for  your cat's comfort.

While German design company Goldtatze took it to the extreme with an indoor playground, and interior designer Gillian Northrup and her husband, architect Geoffrey McGrew, challenged themselves to create this amazing transport tube, this table is  a little more doable.

A table with appropriately sized holes and long aisles encourages cats to roam freely around the work area. Your natural curiosity would be satisfied by exploring the unfamiliar paths behind each hole. According to the architecture firm, the desk was inspired by the shared experience of cat owners: "Removing the cat from the laptop felt like a sentimental ritual of temporary farewell."
As Haostates, “It is a table for us, and a paradise for cats.” CATable was exhibited at this year's Milan Design Week.

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