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With less than a week  to go before the 127th Boston Marathon, there's plenty to explore. On Sunday, April 16th, the eve of the world's most famous marathon, more than 100 golden retrievers will cross the finish line to honour Spencer's official racing dog. The beloved canine, known for waving the Boston Strong flag in his mouth as runners passed by, succumbed to cancer in February 2023, heartbreaking the hearts of  Massachusetts residents. The upcoming event is a way to pay tribute to his wonderful spirit.

A one-mile walk the day before the official race have been organised by Golden Retriever owners and Members of the MA Golden Meetups where over 100 gold medals and their owners will run the final leg of the marathon and cross the finish line to honour Spencer's legacy.

While he and  sister Penny have been attending the Boston Marathon since 2014, Spencer's rise to fame came in 2018. He was photographed holding the Boston Strong flag in the rain and captured the hearts of people around the world. "Spencer, your spirit and determination have inspired us all," wrote the Boston Marathon. I am proud to call you  the official dog of the  

The Goldens group will be available to watch  starting  April 16, 2023 at 10am EDT. They  meet in front of Boston his common and finish at the finish his line at Boylston Street. The 127th Annual Boston Marathon will be held the following day, Monday, April 17th.
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