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We all remember that one favourite character from our childhood movies and books or a childhood pet, that we just can’t forget. California-based illustrator, poet, and mom Sydney Hanson dedicated her talent to draw charming characters that every kid and adult alike would adore. 

Each animal varying from insects to mammals, is hand-crafted in Hanson’s soft and fluffy style adding huge wide eyes to all adorable animals that just makes them impossible not to find cute. 

Hanson’s adorable animal illustrations is  not only cute but it also reflects her own early adventures as a child. Hanson grew up in Minnesota alongside numerous pets and brothers. Since a child she had a deplore for the natural world. Some of her earliest memories as a child involves rescuing frogs from rain gutters. In her work her empathy clearly shines through as she designed each and every character with its own endearing personality in mind. Many scenes are also accompanied by their own little poem.

Hanson’s illustrations also tell narratives of friendship and love. In one such image, a tiny mouse and a bumblebee are having a picnic using an acorn as a teapot. And in another, a donkey waits patiently for a butterfly to hatch from its cocoon. 

Hanson even illustrated a kid’s book titled Hugo and the Impossible Thing which tells the story of a brave little dog named Hugo and his animal friends. Other illustrations display kindness and family, and is depicted by Hanson as baby meerkats sleeping peacefully close to their mother. 

Scroll down to see some more adorable drawings. 

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