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Google has altered how we learn and explore the world ever since it was founded. Google is celebrating its 25th anniversary by taking a look back at the most searched subjects, figures, and occasions over the previous 25 years. The tech company unveiled a short film with characters from pop culture today and historical events that changed the course of history. 

The video opens with the phrase, "25 years ago, the world started to search." The Apollo 11 moon landing, dubbed "the most searched first step in history," is one of the subjects covered in the film.  The 1980s are the most searched decade, and Cristiano Ronaldo is the most searched athlete of all time, according to some of the queries that shed light on some of the most well-liked topics. The recap features a lot of pop culture; for example, Spongebob Squarepants is listed as the “most searched cartoon,” Taylor Swift is listed as the “most searched songwriter,” and the actors from Harry Potter are listed as the “most searched cast.”

Along with the video, Google also released Search Playground, a game akin to "Where's Waldo" in which players must use their knowledge to solve clues and locate 25 of the most sought-after individuals, foods, locations, and events from the previous 25 years. 

“Trends were our compass,” writes the team. “We dove headfirst into the world's most searched queries, and from that treasure trove, we hand-picked 25 trends that capture the zeitgeist, spark global curiosity, and span every corner of the spectrum. There's something for everyone, zoom in enough and you’ll see.”

In keeping with their yearly customs, Google also presents their Year in Search 2023. The conflict in Israel and Gaza was the top news story in the world, but Damar Hamlin was the most searched-for person after his health scare and subsequent recovery. Barbie was the most searched movie, while Hogwarts Legacy was the most searched game, both in line with box office trends. Google also revealed the most popular searches for Maps, showing that Barcelona's Park Güell was the most popular park and the Louvre was the most searched museum worldwide. 

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