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In the very near future, speeding or going over the speed limit on any road in the world, will become physically impossible thanks to the European Parliament Internal Market Committee.

The EU and Consumer Protection recently met to discuss the new mandatory safety systems to be fitted on cars, and what came out of this meeting was that by 2022, all vehicle types such as lorries, buses, vans and all cars will be fitted with a technology called Intelligent Speed Assistance also known as ISA.

ISA is taking speed-sign recognition to a whole new level, instead of simply flashing your sat nav screen with a warning that you are travelling over the speed limit, ISA will see that you are going over the speed limit and automatically reduce your cars engine power without using the brakes.

These measures were first announced by the European Commission last year but after talks in Strasbourg on the 26th of March, they look set to be given the go-ahead by EU member states in September as well as those of the EU after Brexit, so new cars in Britain will also have the safety features from 2022.

It's still too early to tell when this law will be all over the world and still too early to tell what this will mean for car manufacturers, especially supercar and hypercar manufacturers, all we know now is that you should probably buy your dream car before it comes with an ISA.

Hey look on the bright side, you will never have to pay for a speeding fine ever again...

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