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After demonstrating how to build a successful vehicle that can ride with a rear wheel split in half, engineer Sergii Gordieiev of The Q, took the challenge one step further. Gordieiev has been entertaining the world by showcases his terrific problem solving engineering skills in educational documentaries of various mind-blowing designs and objects he created. The Q engineer started with big ambitions and tried to design a split-front bike and rear wheels. This led to the first creation where Gordieiev split the front wheel into thirds and the rear wheel into two.

Recently, he took inspiration from a very famous sport, Formula One. Gordieievcreated a unique engineering mashup that combined a full-size Pirelli F1 tire used on Formula 1 racing cars with a monowheel board to make a “Formula Onewheel“. Gordieliev had previously replaced the wheels on his hoverboard with the same racing tires.

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