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Fries are undeniably everyone's favourite snack, they come in all different shapes and sizes and can be baked, deep fried or shallow fried – and now the health-consious have hopped on the bandwagon with, you guessed it, veggie fries...

Fries are so popular that health freaks have started a trend that involves vegetables being turned into 'fries'. Yes that's right, Veggie Fries... Surprisingly, some of them can be very delicious, however, we not here for half the deal, we want the whole deal! POTATO FRIES.

Fied Potatoes have been a favourite for over 150 years and the first mention of "French Fried Potatoes" occurred in print as far back as 1856 in a cookbook that described the recipe for the tasty dish as follows:
“Cut new potatoes in thin slices, put them in boiling fat, and add a little salt; fry both sides of a light golden brown colour; drain”.

But really, fried in boiling fat? Looks like the French did the best with what they had at the time. Thankfully the nature of fries has evolved and become something almost everyone can enjoy, just not too much!

Here's a video of all the different types of our favourite friend from around the world, and, even better it shows you how to make them!

You're Welcome...

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