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So we know about Achilles The Cat predicting the winners of the World Cup, and it's cute and all, but we feel like it kinda loses momentum after a while and it seems pretty... pointless.

We would like to present a new idea! 

The Simpsons have NEVER been wrong to the point that we are pretty sure they have a time machine. I mean... they predicted Trump would become the president of the US (something everyone thought was ridiculous at the time). They may even be ruling the world and just creating The Simpsons as a disguise for the fact that they are in fact, making everything happen...

SO... we think The Simpsons should "predict" the winners of the 2018 Fifa World Cup. We all have "our team" that we support but The Simpson's have even been able to predict sporting events like the outcome of the men's curling final in the Winter Olympics, where Team USA narrowly beat Sweden to scoop the win.

Technically, the most logical way to predict the winners or at least the finalists of the world cup is to rely on The Simpsons. Good news! Back in 1997, The Simpsons predicted a World Cup final between Mexico and Portugal in an episode titled "The Cartridge Family" and, although the episode doesn't mention which years, fans in both countries reckon there are clues to indicate it's this year. I have money down on Mexico so I'm hoping it's the 2018 World Cup...

Portugal is through to the final 16 and Mexico currently top of Group F with six points. If this World Cup prediction is correct, we suspect the world will be equally impressed and suspicious...

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