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So you think you have an unusual pet because you own a guinea pig or a rabbit? Wait till you have a look at the pets that these people own. It nearly unbelievable and sometimes just plain irresponsible.

The best and most bizarre place to start is probably with the family pet tiger. The Borges family apparently decided that a cat was just way too mainstream and decided to up-size. The tiger even shares the house with them and sleeps in their bed! Then, foxes have been getting an increasing amount of social media attention lately for their furry cuteness, so they are also been becoming popular pets.

Apparently, skunks also have the cuteness factor that makes them pet-worthy. Yes, the scavenging, stinky, black and white things are kept as pets too, however, their glands get removed so they are unable to spray their stinky odour. Although there is nothing cute or fluffy about a cockroach, some people just love the little creepers enough to keep them as a pet.

But keeping the fluff factor going – a lynx is also deemed an acceptable replacement for a regular cat. Let's just hope they don't take a swipe to your face while trying to play... And remember that cartoon show about the bear who used to trick people into giving them food? Well, this pet bear literally gets fed at the table. Stefan lives on a staple diet of 50 pounds of fish veggies and eggs – PER DAY!

If you want to know what happens when you try to cuddle with a hippo in your bed, just ask the South African family who adopted one as a pet and had to replace a bed frame and the couch. Struggling to reach something at the top of your cupboard? No worries, this pet giraffe will sort you out in no time!

Do you know of any more exotic pets that are just ridiculous? Let us know below!

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