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An adorable miniature donkey named “Donkey”, lives out his days happily in Greenwood, Arkansas. Many small things makes him very happy, such as getting love and attention from his beloved human, Debbie Schluterman and a big blue jolly ball. 

Donkey couldn’t contain his excitement after he received his very special Jolly Ball for Christmas. After Debbie gave Donkey his blue ball, he jumped for joy. 

“This is my miniature donkey, his name is Donkey, named after Donkey from Shrek. …he loves playing with jolly balls and always gets so excited when he gets a new one.”

When Schluterman presented the ball to him, the donkey pressed his little head against it, huffed in excitement before letting out a happy “hee-haw”. Then, in a more canine like fashion, after his human threw the ball, Donkey chased after the ball to retrieve it deflated with another toy in tow. Donkey was so giddy about the gift that he reared up several times in joy.

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