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Nothing shows more festive spirit than the traditional green, red Christmas sweaters. Most of us has gotten used to the Christmas spirit attire usually worn by humans and on occasion by pets, however, the Natural History Museum in London decided to use the traditional Christmas attire to fill the museum with Christmas spirit. But, it is not what you think. Instead of the Christmas sweater being worn by the staff, a very special character got to wear it instead. In collaboration with the clothing company British Christmas Jumpers, the museum dressed up one of their largest and most fearsome attractions with a merry surprise, the T. Rex.

The cozy navy blue knit features an assortment of dinosaur-inspired patterns as well as typical motifs like Christmas trees and flowers. It has been designed to accommodate the T. Rex's short arms and wide, burly neck. Over 100 hours of labour was required to knit the massive sweater. Snahal Patel, director of British Christmas Jumpers, stated, “We’ve never done anything like this. My dad's never done anything like this and he's been in the business for 35 to 40 years. It’s probably the biggest thing we've made and going forward into the future there are other big projects planned." This unexpected addition to the museum’s Christmas spirit was intended to uplift all visitors’ spirit, especially after the particularly difficult year. Carla Treasure, a buyer and product developer at the museum, added, “There is nothing more funny than a jumper fitted for a dinosaur that has the tiniest arms in the world. I think it makes it slightly less scary.” Even as the motion-activated robot turns and roars in its exhibit, the oversized turtleneck is flexible enough to move with it. After the holidays are over, the sweater will either be recycled into another product or donated to charity.

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