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Have you ever seen the inside of a fully robotics parking?CNBC journalist Ray Parisi took a closer look into fully robotic parking spot in New York City. 

Parisi captured incredible footage of a robotic attendant parking a car in a garage under the NYC building where parking spots start at $300,000 and go up from there. The incredible footage showed the whole process from parking the car and being lifted to its designated parking spot and afterwards bringing the car back to the top. 

“Hidden deep below some of New York City’s most luxurious apartment buildings is an exclusive world of futuristic parking spaces where high-end vehicles are parked and retrieved by robotic parking system.”

When entering the this high-end parking system, drivers first arrive onto a specialised platform which is designed to lower the car into the subterranean garage and rotate it 180° so that it faces towards the exit. When the driver retrieves the car, the car is positioned forward for the driver’s convenience. 

“Now it’s turning the vehicle 180 degrees so it’s facing the opposite direction that way when the owner retrieves it the car comes out facing the exit so the rich people who park here never have to put their cars in reverse.” Parisi also added, “This subterranean car lair, where no humans are allowed, is located in NYC at 121 E 22nd St deep below a luxury 140-unit condo developed by Toll Brothers. Just this month a buyer picked up a $300K spot along with the condo’s highest priced apartment a five-bedroom duplex in a package deal that cost $9.45 million.”

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