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Solar storms are an interesting astronomical phenomenon. These magnetic explosions are a reminder that the surface of the Sun is anything but static. It is thanks to this phenomenon that we can encounter Aurora. A few weeks ago, Portuguese astrophotographer Miguel Claro captured the sun near peak activity during its 11-year solar eclipse. The result is a magnificent time-lapse that shows the dance of solar flares.

"On October 12, 2023, we established the entire solar system as a solar timeline, revealing many interesting things in motion, including emerging phenomena, filaments, active areas with tiny flames and tiny needles that dance like hair. Claro wrote that "strong winds and magnetic fields cause plasma waves to float hundreds of kilometres above the Sun and release them into the atmosphere in the blink of an eye," Claro wrote. The astrophotographer explained that the video shows the chromosphere as the sun rotates for three hours.

“The footage was captured using the Player One Saturn-M SQR camera and the Lunt LS100 telescope in the Dark Alqueva region, generating three terabytes of data,” he added. “The end result is a high-resolution 5K solar video containing 246 images spanning three hours between 11:05 UT and 2:08 UT.” Claro is no stranger to capturing the beauty of the sun. Before the end of this period, he released several important images of the Sun, a special interpretation of the new constellation and a VR360° virtual reality of the Earth's sun, as old as one of his images.

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