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Losing earrings can be frustrating. But one Norwegian family's search for lost gold jewellery in their backyard led to a surprising discovery. It's unclear whether the missing earring was ever found, but with the help of a metal detector, the Asvik family discovered something even more interesting. They discovered an early medieval buckle and another item from the Viking Age, a rare find from 1,000 years ago.

After hiring an archaeologist to investigate, interesting news was soon revealed. Perhaps there is a grave of a Viking woman in the family's backyard. The family lives on the island of Jomfurland in Norway. Their beautiful backyard was where the earrings went missing, but metal detectors soon discovered "a very well-preserved bowl-shaped buckle and another item matching it in date and style." Brilliant design. They are thought to predate him by more than 1,000 years, possibly dating back to the 8th century AD. Previous discoveries date from the Middle Ages, but this is the first discovery on the island from the Viking Age (9th century AD to 11th century AD).

Where did these items come from? Archaeologists believe they are probably grave goods from the burial of a Viking Age woman. Fortunately, the family contacted appropriately trained authorities to ensure that future excavations to locate the burial site were carried out to professional standards. The discovery of grave goods is not the only unusual archaeological discovery to have occurred in Norway recently.

Metal detectives on the island of Rennesøy have discovered a trove of gold jewellery, including rings and pendants. Treasure discoveries and even hoardings are not uncommon in Europe, given how rich its ancient history is. Many countries have laws regulating finds, and as soon as a site is deemed important, like the Asvik family, all enthusiasts should always call the relevant archaeological authority to request an investigation. is needed. They went looking for the earrings but found a Viking instead. 

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