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The winners of the Asia’s eight annual premier nature and wildlife festival, Nature inFocus Photography Awards, were announced in conjunction with the Nature inFocus Festival. Both adult and youth photographers had the chance to submit their photos which documents a very unique natural history moments as well as critical conservation issues. With around 21,000 images from over 2,300 photographers submitted, the jury had some tough decisions to make but in the end awarded three winners in each category and also due to a magnificent portfolio, the jury announced Fernando Constantino Martinez Belmar as the Photographer of the Year for his look at the critically endangered jaguars that live on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Among other standouts is the creative duo of Kapil Sharma and Yogendra Satam. They won the Wildscape & Animals in their Habitat category for their use of camera traps to monitor urban wildlife in Mumbai.

This event has significantly grown over the years globally, seeing many talented photographers displaying their unique images. Rohit Varma, one of the founders of Nature inFocus explained, “The Nature inFocus Photography Awards has grown to become a meeting place for national and international photographers. Every year, we see images that reveal new facets of our natural world while shining a light on pertinent global conservation issues. We are thrilled to see the growth in the number of participants and the geographical locations. It truly has become an international platform for wildlife photographers!”

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