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Fractal wood burning is a technique which involves using a high-voltage electrical current to burn tree like patterns into wood. Gary Katz demonstrated this highly dangerous technique and explained his way in using high-voltage electricity to generate lightning that burns beautiful fractal patterns into wood using a custom-built device which generates 7500 volts of electricity.

It’s important to note that the voltage from this machine is extremely dangerous. It is advised that type of project and the making of your own Lichtenberg machine without extensive research and training. The American Association of Woodturners (AAW), has opted to ban fractal wood burning from all of its events. It has also chosen to not publish any content on fractal wood burning outside of articles dissuading readers from attempting it.

YouTuber Ann Reardon explained that one problem with people attempting his technique is that people try to build their own fractal wood burning device. She explained that people use microwave transformers and then attach car jumper cables to the transformer and use metal spikes to make the actual imprints on dampened wood using electric currents. With the extremely high voltage of 2,000 which the circuit produces, any person who touches the wood or metal while using the machine will die.

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