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There are many reasons why the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend’. One of this very obvious reasons, is that dogs provides unconditional love to those who care about them.

Loyal pups also took the very important task of protecting their family against any dangers, such as unexpected visitors such as squirrels, vacuum machines and in this case the ocean itself. 

A wonderfully protective giant schnauzer, named Yatzi, absolutely loves her little human sister. Even so much that she will do anything to protect her from danger, even if that means going into the ocean herself when her sister wants to play in the little waves. 

Yatzi took it upon herself to repeatedly impede her little human’s sandy path to ensure that she didn’t wander too far out into the ocean. 

Yatzi’s human Jacque Langston, explained that Yatzi is very vigilant with his daughter, especially around the water of any kind. She takes her personal protection duties very seriously as a big sister. 

“The first time my daughter got into the Jacuzzi and we turned the bubbles on Yatzi went nuts and she actually did pull her out of the water by her bathing suit..? Yatzi here is 88 lbs and 31″ tall and knows how to place herself to get a job done.”

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