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Animals really get excited when it comes to their favourite treat and some of them are not shy to show their excitement. Some pups have fallen in love with the ultimate Puppuccino which is a small amount of whipped cream served in an espresso cup. They get so excited that some of them even tried to climb in through the drive through window to retrieve their delicious snack themselves.

Another treat pups have seem to find a huge liking in is the ultimate bagel. Natasha Jones, an employee at the Einstein Bros. Bagels in Melbourne, Florida who works the drive-thru window, couldn’t resist but capture the adorable reaction of the pet customers. In a promotion that is running, clients have been offered a free bagel for their fury friend if the bring them along.

She has taken it upon herself to document the adorable facial expressions of the dogs in the cars that come through. Some dog are very curious, others are friendly, some are shy, and more than a few are just waiting for that free doggie bagel she promised.

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