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Despite the guest list being perfectly tailored and all the famous faces that appeared at this year's Met Gala, there was one infamous uninvited guest which appeared to have snuck into the glamorous event. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't an offended A-lister who crashed the party, but rather a confused cockroach  trying to escape the crowd but ended up at one of the biggest events in New York. The insect struggled to evade viewers and cameras, but its brief glory was captured by amateur and professional photographers alike. By the end of the evening, the cockroach turned into a real star. 

At an ensemble event, the obvious question was, "Who wore that?" Well, artist Travis Chapman has the answer for us. He painted a portrait of a cockroach posing on a "Colgate rug" in a fashionable if not revealing dress with a train and tiny jewels. Alone on the carpet, all eyes  on her like in a viral video that was posted online.

As odd as the image is, it underscores the creativity and  fun of sharing such a creation  online. Chapman's work was popular on Reddit, where commenters supported his portrayal. "She still looks amazing," wrote one Reddit user. “For example, 40 days is great. Anyone who says cockroaches aren't in their prime after day 100 should be fired."

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