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Whether you're working from home or running all day, it's always nice to take a break and unwind for a  while. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find a suitable place to settle down. Wouldn't it be nice to find a comfortable place wherever you are? Well, the Japanese company Hanalolo may have the perfect, albeit inconvenient, solution. A wearable bean bag pillow that will keep you  cozy  wherever you go.

Hanalolo is an Aichi-based company known for making all kinds of beanbags and floor cushions, from  neck pillows to full-size chairs. To further increase brand awareness during promotional events,  management commissioned these bean bags from employees about 10 years ago.

According to J-cast, it only started out as a novelty, but customers are increasingly asking if it's on sale. At first, the company thought about it, but was afraid that the product would break. Over time, Hanalolo decided to introduce wearable bean bags to the masses with conviction. Sales were low at first, but word of mouth tweets changed everything and it was out of stock for a while.

Wearable bean bags recently debuted. Available in three sizes: small, medium and large. The large  size is for adults, and the small and medium sizes are  for children. There are four colours of Moss Green, Natural Beige, Mocha and Charcoal and a special version with Mickey Mouse print.
As a wearable, the only major criticism  is its potential heaviness, weighing 5 kg (11 lbs) in the large size. The pillow is  the heart of this fun product, but it can also be used like a regular beanbag to throw on the ground and lie down on.

 The wearable bean bag came out this month and has sold over 500  so far. The hype surrounding him made him appear on Japanese TV and encouraged people to wear this pillow version and draw their favourite anime characters. It is currently available in Hanalolo Rakuten stores and online. You can learn more about this unique and cozy outfit by following the company on Instagram.
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