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February 24, 2023 marks one year since the Ukrainian world suffered tremendous pain, suffering and fear after Russia invaded Ukraine. During these painful years, the Ukrainian people have inspired the world with their perseverance and unwillingness to yield to Russia. As the war continued, Ukraine's postal service, Ukrposhta, issued  new commemorative stamps to raise funds for the armed forces. This special stamp features a mural by renowned British street artist Banksy.

This stamp features a Banksy stencil depicting a judo match in which a  boy puts an old man on his back. The piece is a sly reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has a black belt in judo. The David and Goliath dynamic is pretty clear, but to really show that the outsiders are attached to the big badass, Ukrposhta added the phrase "FCK PTN" in Cyrillic to the bottom left corner.

Banksy painted this piece along with several other stencils in November 2022. This particular stencil is on Borodianka. Located about 30 miles from Kiev, the city was heavily bombarded during the Battle of Kyiv. Printed in a limited edition of 250,000, this stamp is one of several issued by the post office  over the past year. And, as usual, people lined up to cheer and buy special stamps.

“This day feels like the beginning of a new countdown,” shared Ukrposhta in a statement released on Facebook. “After all, February 24 then and February 24 now are like two different worlds. And we today cannot be recognised.

“There is no panic, doubt, or fear spreading between us. What lies between us is pride, togetherness, shared grief, and a goal to achieve that everyone stands still. There is no other way to resist. And otherwise, we can't.”

To one local resident, the image is the perfect symbol of war. “From my point of view, the boy is a symbol of a small Ukraine that has defeated the big one, Russia. A very representative  situation,” said Natalia Grebenyuk. And judging by the crowd of people who wanted to buy stamps on Friday, many agreed with that. 

 A 50-year-old economist named Svetlana told The Guardian  she bought the stamps "because she supports the Ukrainian military". And Maxim, 26, said it was exciting to see Banksy on a postage stamp. "This is a very nice gesture for the world to understand Ukraine and understand that we are still in the spotlight."

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