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It's been a very long time since we last saw anything from Joe Santagato, but he's back with his brother, Keith, and another hilarious instalment of What'd Ya Say?!

Joe Santagato disappeared from the land of YouTube vlogging but, after a year-long hiatus, he's back and ready to make us laugh out loud again. His YouTube channel has over 2,5 million followers, most of whom are die-hard fans, and he's given us some terrific content over the years.

Some of his fan-favourites include the series called People Of Walmart and Only On Craigslist. The former showcases the latest and greatest images of the nut-jobs that frequent the shops countrywide, while the latter dissects the craziest adverts placed on the site – both of which include hilarious commentary from Joe himself.

He also does commentary on the things he comes across in daily life, or even things suggested to him from fans in the comment section of his videos, but his largest viewing audiences come from series like Idiots Of The Internet, The Worst Tattoos Ever and Mad Lib Madness, which all speak for themselves.

To mark his comeback, though, Joe chose another of the fan-favourites, titled What'd Ya Say?!, and it will make you laugh out loud. In this series, Joe and brother Keith take turns wearing noise-cancelling headphones with music playing. The other person then says a sentence that the headphone-wearer has to decipher by reading lips.

It'll have you in tears in no time, for instance, when Keith says, "I'm afraid of sweaters. Can't find the hole," Joe responds with, "I was fighting spiders. I was fighting ghouls." This goes on for 10-minutes, and Joe's laugh is so infectious, you can't help but laugh along with him.

So, what are you waiting for? Press play and enjoy the show!

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