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Do you binge-watch series until 3am? Of course, you do! What kind of stupid question is that.

Fear not... binge-watching series is something we specialise in and we are here to ease the pain – and possibly get you binge-watching another series in no time!

Obviously Game of Thrones is at the top of the list... that is if you are one of the five people in the world who hasn't watched it yet. And don't even start with the excuse "I prefer books", just do it, dammit!

Streaming video services are the way to go and there is nothing better than being able to watch a series from episode one, making the old classics like How I Met Your Mother a guaranteed spot on the list – it never seems to get old (although the ending was just a little disappointing/heartbreaking)

Even though Stranger Things is currently only two seasons, you will be hooked by the second episode, but don't worry, season 3 is on the way. The first episode is a little slow (sorry to all the die-hard fans out there) but, if you have a little patience, the storyline picks up pretty soon thereafter. It's guaranteed you'll have your very own favourite character (Dustin for the win).

It's not the traditional type of alien sci-fi series, its set in the 1980s and the plot twists will keep you hooked the minute you step into their world.

So, click on the video below to see this years top 10 TV shows so far. Enjoy!

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