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Date: 2018-11-14

If the phrase 'How you doin' immediately makes you think of Joey Tribbiani, then you are one of us, the fans of FRIENDS, however, there are interesting moments that you definitely missed even if you have watched the series from start to finish a few times.

Here's just a few to get you going:

The Big White Dog
The unusual statue Joey buys in one of the episodes when he moves into his big apartment for a while makes appearances in the series a few times even the last scene of the series. Courtney Cox revealed in an interview that the white dog belonged to her husband David.

Number of Monica's Apartment
At the beginning of the series, Monica's apartment number was 5 and Chandler's door had the number 4 on it, however halfway through the first season, the director changed it to twenty and nineteen because he thought it made no sense that the numbers would be low so high up in the apartment block.

Pheobe's Pregnancy
When Pheobe got pregnant on the show the plot was super strange because the writers had to rush to come up with a storyline around Lisa Kudrow's real pregnancy, so when she was acting pregnant she was pregnant in real life.

See the video below for more details you probably didn't know about the show.

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