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It's been a tough couple of tough years lately. What with the coronavirus causing havoc across the globe and mother nature sending floods and wildfires to destroy everything in their paths. We think it's time for everyone to enjoy a good laugh.

Now, to be frank, laughing at other people's misfortune is not very nice. But we do it anyway because it's often hilarious. Fortunately, with our insatiable love of capturing everything on video and sharing it with the world, we have literally billions of hours of laughing to do.

To help us get our belly full of laughs, the lovely folk over at America's Funniest Home Videos have put together a two-hour compilation. The clips are from the first half of 2021 and include run-ins with wild animals, practical jokes, morons using sport equipment and just plain bad luck.

Regardless of your favourite genre of humans failing, you're sure to find it hidden among these many, many gems. And it's not just humans either. There are all kinds of animals to laugh at too. For example, the dog eating imaginary food that is obviously not there.

In general, this epic compilation will have you in stitches, and who knows, maybe you'll forget all about the troubles of the world. Well, for two hours at least.

Happy laughing and enjoy the show. And remember to record everything because you have no idea when you'll catch an incredibly hilarious moment on film!

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