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Date: 2018-09-10

At least one person was assaulted when 'gun-toting thugs' invaded the home of Post Malone, however, it turns out Malone moved out months ago and doesn't live there anymore.

The thieves broke in through a window on the 1st Septemeber and TMZ sources reported one of the three men were yelling "Where's Post Malone?!", this is a clear indication that the robbers were targeting him. Apparently, the people currently residing in the San Fernando Valley house have no connection to Malone. Before leaving the thieves stole cash, jewellery and cell phones worth about $20k.

The police are currently trying to determine if the intrusion is tied to another celebrity home invasion just house later where suspects stole a safe from a home where Rae Sremmurd was staying. Both of these home invasions came after a busy week for thieves in the area.

Famous victims of burglaries or attempted burglaries include Wiz Khalifa, Bella Thorne, Christina Milian, Yasiel Puig and John Mayer.

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