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An adorable 7-year-old performer named Cairo too  the stage at the school's talent show dressed as Bowser from the  Super Mario Brothers video game. Sitting at a keyboard, he began singing "Peaches" from the Super Mario Bros. movie which was inspired by the original game.  But that's not all that happened at this gig. What was supposed to be a solo performance from Cairo quickly turned into a singing for the whole audience, led by a boy. Other children sang the lyrics and waved their hands. When Cairo finished his speech, the entire audience erupted in thunderous applause. Luckily, a viewer recorded  the adorable scene and shared it on YouTube, and it's no surprise that this healing moment went viral. 

"Peaches" was first performed by actor Jack Black, who provided the voice of Bowser in the film. Let's hope the  popularity of the video reaches him; Cairo even wore the same costume as Black  when he appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

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