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Camera Butter's drone pilot Paul  captured amazing FPV drone footage of a hauntingly beautiful  avalanche plunging down a mountain on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. He  spent the day photographing the incredible surroundings. As he left, he saw that it was snowing and knew he had to capture it on camera. 

“We spent a day long-distance mountain surfing in British Columbia on Vancouver Island with our long-distance drones hoping to get some good cinematic shots. There had been a "serious avalanche warning" a few days ago, but everyone seemed to be calming down. As we were about to leave, I looked up and saw a huge avalanche descending from the mountain right in front of us! Struggling to get a battery for my drone, I fiddled with my GoPro and sent it toward the mountain as fast as I  could. I got there just in time to see a terrible amount of snow falling at the base of the mountain. What appears to be water is actually a huge amount of snow,  some of which is the size of my truck.”

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