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We've all seen the incredible figures or scenes LEGO builds. However, this time creator Rich-K & Big J, has made all Lord of The Rings fans proud. 

Definitely being seen as one of the most awesome pop culture games of all time,  Rich-K & Big J build an magnificent scene display with 150 thousand LEGO bricks and 1700 miniature figures. They incredibly  recreate the Helm's Deep battle scene from Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings. It took the duo about four months to complete the 160-pound ping-pong table. 

Look closely and you'll notice  small details like  catapults, ladders, and soaring walls. The creators didn't slack when it came to the finer details. 

It wasn't easy to put all the pieces together. As Goel Kim says, "When the LEGO set was released last year, I thought: is this really it?" So I started collecting miniature figures from all over the world, especially elves. It was a painful process as I could only  get six from Germany, eight from Poland etc  to get enough elves to represent [the] movie scene.” 

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