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When it is revealed that something called the "Killing stone" is broken in half, it can't bode well. And it's an even worse omen if someone discovers that this Hunter's Stone likely contains the spirit of a demonic fox. Unfortunately, the news is correct and the Japanese Sessho-seki, also known as the Killing Stone, has disbanded. 

Located near a hot spring in Nasu, Japan, Sessho-seki is a stone embedded in volcanic mountains. According to legend, the stone was only visible from a distance due to the toxic sulfur fumes and was used to capture the vengeful spirit  Tamamo-no-Mae. The story goes that Tamamo-no-Mae was a nine-tailed fox who disguised himself as a beautiful woman  to kill Emperor Toba (1107–1123) and take his throne. After the fox was killed by a warrior named Miura-no-sake, his body transformed into Sessho-seki. It was believed that it was the fox that began secreting venom that killed anyone who came near the stone.  

The spirit continued to haunt the area until a Buddhist priest named Genno stopped near a rock to rest. Out of concern for the spirit, he performed a ritual that resulted in the demon staying in Sessho-seki. However, according to legend, the fox was able to free himself from the chain. 

Local officials have confirmed that a small crack has formed over the years and practically split in half. In the pictures posted on Twitter, it can be clearly seen that there is a large boulder lying on the ground. So be careful, the spirit of the fox-nine-tails is roaming free.

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