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Jillian Turner was kayaking along the windswept coast of Sutherland, Scotland, admiring the beautiful coastline when she spotted something unusual at the base of a high cliff. It was thick with sheep's wool, and sheep were floating under the rocks. It was completely alone, far from the herd, and trapped at the foot of the cliff. Despite Turner's efforts to find a rescuer, the sheep, named Fiona, remained stranded at the foot of the cliff for two years. Finally, Britain's loneliest sheep has been saved by a dedicated and motley group of rural farmers. Fiona shaves his beard and lives a comfortable life. 

Turner told a media outlet that as she was paddling along the shore, a sheep chased her and called out for help. The SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) denied the sheep were at risk, while the emergency services, whose primary responsibility is to care for humans, were unable to act through proper channels without permission. Fortunately, Ayrshire sheep shearer and  BBC presenter Cammy Wilson has noticed the problem. The crew worked with a team of farmers and used machinery to drag Fiona up a cliff. The team also includes Ally Wilson, who Wilson described as an expert in rescuing sheep from similar situations on the Isle of Lewis, where sheep seem to do the same thing all the time.

After retrieving Fiona, the next step was to shear the poor creature who was drowning in her own fur. Sheep must be sheared regularly. Otherwise, the hair will get tangled, which will have a negative impact on your health. Fiona currently lives on Dulscone Farm, where she receives a lot of love and media attention. They and her rescuers were praised for their indomitable spirit. What is certain is that surrounded by her farm visitors and farm mates, Fiona will never be alone again.

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