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NASA recently released a photo of the sun that shows a glimpse of the International Space Station orbiting Earth, and it's impressive enough on its own. However, this image is even more special because it shows the Sun when there are no sunspots. The world can enjoy this unique moment thanks to Rainee Colacurcio, who took the photo. Colacurcio also posted several other photos of the ISS approaching the sun, demonstrating his skill at taking such technically difficult photos.

"While sun passes are not all that unusual for the ISS, which orbits the Earth approximately every 90 minutes, the timing and equipment are rarely just right to capture great images," NASA wrote. This photo was released as an astronomical image of the ISS. Two photos were stitched together to get the final look. The first image shows the space station passing by the Sun, while the other image was taken to capture details of the Sun's surface. 

These details show that there are no sunspots. This is not entirely unusual, as we are currently in a period of low solar activity known as solar minimum. This cycle can last at least 11 years, during which the sun can go several days without a solar flare or sunspot. Still, NASA notes that sunspot activity is currently very low, even during solar minimum. What exactly are sunspots? These temporary spots appear on the sun's outer shell due to a drop in temperature caused by the magnetic field. They look like black spots on the sun, can be as large as a planet, and can last for months. Scientists aren't exactly sure why there are so few sunspots now, but there's no doubt that this is a beautiful photo.

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