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Ancient Egyptians were skilled craftsmen and artists. The ancient craftsmen were known for their funerary statues and thrived on filling the country's many tombs and temples. Over the past few centuries, archaeologists have repeatedly discovered amazing works of art that never cease to amaze viewers. These legendary statues include Carper (also known as Carper or Sheikh El Balad), one of the scribes and priests.

This wooden statue is a work of art whose craftsmanship is incredibly lifelike. The surreal and beautifully crafted statues demonstrate the immense skill of the ancient craftsmen. A statue of Ka'apel was found in good condition in his tomb (called a mastaba) in the cemetery of Saqqara. It dates back to the Fifth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom around 2500 BC. The statue is holding a cane with its legs open. Kaapel was a scribe and a priest-reader, and although he had an official position, his position was not very high. Therefore, he is  not portrayed as an ideal person, but as a realistic man.

One of the most fascinating features of this sculpture is its crystal and copper eyes, which give the piece a breathtaking realism. It is noteworthy that this statue, carved from plane tree, is very well preserved. One element that appears to be decaying at first glance is the outermost layer, which was originally plastered. Nevertheless, the level of preservation of the statue is very impressive. And in a funny twist of fate, the person, once discovered, bore a striking resemblance to the mayor of the excavated town. Therefore, the statue was given the name Sheikh El Balad, which means mayor or city leader in Arabic. Next to this statue was a female mastaba statue  also carved in wood. She is thought to be Kaapel's wife. The famous Carpel statue is currently housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt. You can find many more beautiful examples of Egyptian art at this world-renowned facility.

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