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Recently, a hiker got lost on what was supposed to be a routine hike through Katmai National Park in Alaska. Thick fog made visibility difficult. As a result, the man, who requested anonymity, was unable to leave the remote area where there was no cell phone signal. Fortunately, a properly installed trail camera saved his life. A short video was posted on Explore.org showing the moment a hiker encountered and appealed to a bear camera.

In the clip, he looks at the device and walks toward it, trying to get the viewer's attention by saying the words "lost" and "help" despite no audio. Luckily for this man, a large audience gathered in front of his Alaskan bear cam. His livestream at Katmai National Park was watched by many in advance of "Fat Bear Week" in October. This event is a competition where fans choose the largest brown bear before the animals go into hibernation.

The same fans who were looking for the bear saw the hiker clearly asking for help, and some immediately pointed it out to the original poster. Shortly after the video was released, the National Park Service sent a team to rescue the man from the  Dumpling Mountain area. "Bear Cam saves hikers' lives!" he writes on Explore.org. “Today, a  bear camera enthusiast alerted us to a man in distress on Dumpling Mountain. Our heroic rangers @KatmaiNPS swung into action and began a search to rescue the man. Did." 

On that day, the hiker was more than a mile from the nearest campsite and visibility was less than 50 feet. "Dumpling Mountain is in a remote part of Katmai, and this is the first we've heard of a rescue in this area," Katmai National Park spokesperson Peter Christian said. In any case, it was very fortunate that a bear camera was installed at the location, otherwise, it is unclear how long it would have taken for the man to be rescued. "Our cameras focus on nature and wildlife," adds Candice Rush, New Media Director at Explore.org. “This is the first time our cameras will be used in  search and rescue operations.”

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