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Wearing a costume helps embody the character as a whole. Usually, this custom is associated with Halloween and theatrical performances. But for Toko Ueda, her costume wasn't just that, she spent 2 million yen (about $16,000) on a bespoke dog costume modelled after a Rough Collie made by ZEPETO. When he puts on this highly realistic suit, it's easy for him to mistake the big, fluffy creature for a real dog. at least at first glance. To prove his creepiness, Ueda even walks his dog and his public outings have been videotaped. A recently released video shows a behind-the-scenes moment of Ueda wearing a dog costume during an interview with German TV station RTL in 2022. Ueda finally got permission to share the video on his channel this month, and it quickly went viral. 

Ueda, already dressed as a rough collie, is shown walking on all fours in a small park with a German reporter and camera team. At one point, Ueda appears to be perched on a dolly that can be easily moved from one place to another, but an adult human in a constricting costume moving like a dog is probably not completely comfortable.

However, this illusion is still very effective. In fact, the video even shows a few real dogs coming in and inspecting the strange creatures, just like dogs usually greet each other. Mr Ueda himself tries to behave like a real puppy while learning many behaviours. At one point, there was even a scene in which the reporter asked Mr Ueda to shake hands. It's only natural that many people would stop by to get in touch with Ueda, as the costumes are so realistic.

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