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The majority of people would find their burping habit embarrassing, but Kimberly "Kimycola" Winter is not one of them. The USA native recently shattered the record for the loudest burp in history (female), thanks to her abnormally loud burps.

Her burp, which broke the record, was 107.3 dB. This was higher than the previous record of 107 dB set in 2009 by Italian Elisa Cagnoni. Neville Sharp of Australia holds a record for the loudest burp in the male category. In 2021, his burp was 112.7 dB.

Winter's burp is "louder than a blender (70-80 dB), an electric handheld drill (90-95 dB), and even some motorcycles at full throttle (100-110 dB)," according to The Guinness World Records. She had to burp in a sound-recording studio to set her record, eliminating any reflected sound. Winter went to the iHeartRadio studios and attempted to break records by burping live on DJ Elliot Segal's well-liked radio talk show, "Elliot in the Morning." 

Speaking with Guinness World Records, Winter revealed that she had breakfast, coffee, and beer to get ready for the burp. Winter has known since she was a young child that her burps are incredibly loud. Even though people don't always enjoy her loud burps in public, Winter has amassed a fan base on TikTok and YouTube over the years, where people enjoy her peculiar talent.

She is also using her platform to spread positivity of just accepting who you are. "A lot of people are disgusted… I started recording my burps on TikTok, and it really took off. A lot of my fans like me to burp their names. My audience grew really fast. So just be yourself, because you never know how many people out there are going to enjoy you for just being you."

Winter's longest burp to date is approximately nine seconds. Michele Forgione set a record in 2009 with the "world's longest burp," measuring one minute and thirteen seconds. Winter, though, has no desire to surpass this record. But the loudest is what I'm aiming for, not the longest. I enjoy being brash and arrogant. 

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