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In 2022, Toko, a Japanese man, gained notoriety when he revealed that he had spent ¥2 million ($16,000) on a lifelike rough collie costume. He aimed to realise his aspiration of becoming a dog. Despite all the attention he received, many met this notion with raised eyebrows. Almost a year and a half later, Toko acknowledged that the "misconception" about his collie costume has left him feeling "sad."

Toko has been getting a lot of use out of his realistic dog costume over the past few months. He's been having fun in parks, testing his mettle on an obstacle course, and even meeting a shiba inu, who appeared startled and perplexed by their brief interaction. He can roll over and shake a paw, but getting around hasn't been easy because he needs to be wheeled on a cart. However, things haven't always gone as planned. Toko recently admitted that the criticism has affected him in an interview with The Mirror. He said, "I rarely tell my friends because I'm afraid they'll think I'm weird." "My family and friends seemed shocked to hear that I turned into an animal." 

He also feels that his desire to have the appearance of a dog is a fetish. "It just saddens me that people can believe that. I adore acting like a collie and I adore animals. It's all about "doing things that only dogs do," like licking his belly and barking at the window, in his opinion.

Nevertheless, it appears that someone is motivated by Toko's tenacity for every troll. "You have everything. Good for you for realising your boyhood ambition, commented viewer @budhrajarahul3 on one of his videos. Toko will therefore keep his supporters informed during his four-leg journey, despite the skepticism. "I will continue because this is my hobby," he says. It brings me joy and makes other people happy as well.
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