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Landscape photographer Eric Gross, who is based in Colorado, has travelled to many beautiful places in North America, but nothing could have prepared him for what he discovered on his first trip to a lake in his backyard. Nestled amidst the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, this peaceful break unveiled something unforeseen. He was drawn to the icy waves as he strolled along the coast because of the way the scenery reflected off their smooth surface.

Following this realisation, Gross shot a flurry of pictures, using all of his artistic faculties to capture the breathtaking scene. "I had to lie on the wavy ice and use any soft materials (gloves, hat) to support and solidify the camera for multiple shots with varying focal planes that enable focus stacking to create an image with sharp focus from six inches away to infinity because I was unprepared and unplanned, and that was the only way I could shoot at truly ground level," Gross told media outlet My Modern Met. Even though I haven't done this much, it was a challenge with beautiful visual results. 

The scene inspired Gross so much that he went back to the lake repeatedly in search of fresh approaches to preserving the ice waves. To commemorate his finding, Gross managed to take a final picture before the snow started to melt. The waves are glass-like in their smoothness, and immobility. As they become frozen over time, they acquire a sculptural quality that enables us to fully appreciate the water's natural forms.

The location makes this discovery even more special for Gross, who travels for up to eighteen months at a time.

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