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The northern Italian city of Trento is holding an annual event that makes local politicians shudder. Tonka is a comical recreation of an ancient torture practiced from the 14th century to his 17th century, in which a man is locked in a cage and he plunges into the freezing waters of the Adige, Italy's second longest river. That's what it means. This tradition is part of  Feste Vigiliane, a week-long celebration in honour of the town's patron  that takes place at the end of June. While many could probably name a few politicians who have access to swimming, there is a traditional ritual to choosing who deserves this "honour."

The event will be preceded by a public Tribunale di Penitenza (Criminal Court). The spectacle is a comedic satire in which members of the "court" nominate individuals and express their concerns. Some play the role of judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors, and even defendants.

The candidates are not the blasphemers for whom the original punishment was intended, but they did something  scandalous or newsworthy that year. Politicians are nominated very often,  but  not always. Last year's nominees included the state's four previous presidents, who were accused of delaying the construction of a new hospital, and a nurse accused of falsifying coronavirus test results. 
And people are not always punished for  serious crimes. Last year, two other politicians were nominated  for their opposition to  popular Italian singer-songwriter Vasco Rossi's concert.

The court's formal verdict will be announced in a few days, by which time the supposed worst of the worst must be caged. Afterwards, as before, you will solemnly dip into the Adige River three times.

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