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It's time to get ridiculous and defy physics with Let's Game It Out and a review of the simulator game, Raft.

Josh from Let's Game It Out is one of our favourite YouTubers. And we're not alone as 1.58-million others seem to feel the same way. His tongue-in-cheek reviews of simulator games are the stuff of legend, and he'll have you rolling on the floor with laughter.

In this episode, he gets his hands on Raft, a sim where you find yourself drifting on the ocean on a... well... raft. The object of the game is survival. You need to collect supplies, like driftwood, that's floating in the ocean around you, and use it to enhance your raft.

There are also islands that you can explore as you drift along, as well as other unmanned rafts that contain materials you need to help create items such as a radio and antennae, an engine and more.

Sounds simple enough, but Josh makes it tremendously fun as he defies the laws of physics, creating a raft that's a mile long and five stories high. He also has to fend off a Great White shark he's named Grace. It's ludicrous but oh so much fun to watch!

To check out Josh in action, hit that play button below, you won't regret it!

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