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Irish filmmaker artist, David ORielly and now based in California, confirmed the 11-minute trailer for the game Everything had qualified in the category for the best animated short film following success at the Vienna Shorts Festival, in which he scooped the Just Price for Animation. 

Everything is an open-ended interactive experience and reality simulation game, where you can literally play as everything. There is no right or wrong way to play, and each person's game will be different. Playing the game involves travelling through the universe and seeing it from different perspectives, it has elements of role-playing games, sandbox & simulation. You flip-flop around the environment as a bear or zoom in deep to squish around as microorganisms. 

The lengthy trailer focuses on the correlation between the universe's smallest, biggest and most remote entities, all while being narrated by the late British philosopher Alan Watts. Alan Watts is known for his writing and speaking about Eastern philosophy. The video captures a great piece of existential art that not only expands your mind, but it also expands the tradition of what qualifies for an Acadamy Award. 

Everything is available on PC, Mac & Linux, and PlayStation 4 and you can watch the full short film here. 

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