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The Game of Thrones series has taken the world by storm and has almost everyone in the world on the edge of their seat. The series is intense, dramatic and has a cliff-hanger around every corner.

Fans of Game of Thrones have gotten so involved and obsessed with the series that they feel like they are a part of it! They feel like they know the characters personally that anything to have an effect on them is life-changing.

When they watch the series, however, they have no control. It's so frustrating.

But what they don't know is that having the control could be even worse!

In this video, people play Would You Rather with Game of Thrones.

Would You Rather is a game where you are given two choices, you can only pick one, and they are usually impossibly difficult!

Well, in this game, someone said: "I would rather die than make this decision."

So clearly it has left them pretty torn.

Watch the video to see people try to make the hardest decisions about their favourite series – what choices would you make?

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