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Its that time again that when we need another Ozzy Man Review to get us through the week. This time Ozzy Man looks at a Japanese game show called Slippery Stairs. It has garnered a lot of public attention recently.

The contestants have to dress in different coloured lycra suits and attempt to climb up two flights of stairs that are exceptionally hard to grip, being made of ice and covered in oil. Their aim is the reach the top and open the treasure chest containing the prize. It is such a simple concept but so entertaining to watch.

Ozzy Man makes it even better and names each player by their colour: golden boy, pinky, frogman, Mr. blue, daredevil and the orange wanker. Asif the actual game wasn't funny enough, his commentary just makes it ten times better.

Japanese game shows always seem to come up with the strangest concepts! Have a laugh at the video below.

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